French Bulldogs

Pandemonium’s Build a Bull Buckshot, “Storm”

Storm is a blue brindle. He is quite a comical character. He has a larger than life attitude and thinks he is a big dog. He is smart and learns things very quickly. He is a very well muscled boy, who has a lot of physical power in a small package.

Pandemonium’s Firefly, “Ellie”

Ellie is a fawn pied sable French Bulldog with a chocolate mask. She is so soft! So loving and sweet, but, don’t let all that sweetness fool you! She is an athlete! She is a powerhouse and is built nice and stout! She has produced some very nice pups, all with nice short muzzles and big heads.

Pandemonium’s Gun Powder and Lead, “Iden”

Iden is a blue fawn sable French Bulldog. He is very smart, quick and inquisitive. He is a little powerhouse....and can jump high and run like a true athlete!

Pandemonium’s Peanut Butter and Jelly, “Peanut”

Peanut is the daughter of Ellie and Iden. She is a fawn sable. She is a fun loving little girl. She is sweet and loves everyone and everything. She is a very well muscled little girl and can run like the wind, just like her parents!