Staffordshire Bull Terriers


This is our senior female, Hadleigh. She has been the best brood bitch we have ever had, and we have been breeders since 1994! She is amazing. She has beauty, intelligence and nice breed type. She has produced many fine examples of the breed. Several daughters of hers we have kept, who are now breeding and producing fine examples of the breed themselves.


This is Gauge. He is from Gamblin kennels. He is an amazing stud dog. He is super loving with people. He has a very athletic build, but is smaller in stature. He has drive and a mind of his own. He’s very smart and inquisitive. He produces pups with keen minds and very athletic bodies.


This is Violet. Violet is our only blue female presently. She is such a sweet, calm love bug. She has a great temperament and gets along well with all other dogs. She is always happy, and always loves cuddles. She has produced some very loving pups that are awesome examples of the breed.

Kit Kat

This is Kit Kat. She is one of our red brindle females. She produces pups with lots of brawn and substance. She is an outgoing, playful girl, but sure will let you know when anyone is around. She goes off like an alarm when she sees anyone or anything lurking.


This is Mack, our senior male here at Pandemonium K9. He is a black brindle who carries blue. He is out of Valiant Kennels. He has produced many exceptional examples of the breed. He is very loving, as well as a great protector and a terrific watch dog.